D1Softball, through the D1 Players Society, has partnered with Michigan pitcher, Alex Storako to bring you an inside look at her mindset heading into her senior season.

From 2020 to 2022

2020 proved to us that a season can be taken away in the blink of an eye, so my mindset going into the 2022 season is to leave it all on the field.

I think people have a lot of eyes on the Big Ten and especially Michigan to see if the conference-only schedule in 2021 will affect the way that we play against teams from outside the Big Ten this year. While our 2021 season wasn’t what we expected or wanted when it came to our schedule, it allowed us the opportunity to adapt and learn. I am excited to bring those experiences and lessons into the new season that is 2022.

Every weekend and every game we have on our schedule is exciting. The second weekend we have in Clearwater, Florida is the most anticipated by spectators and players. On our schedule for the weekend is Oklahoma State, Florida State, UCF and LSU. It will be quite the test early on in the season but it will be an exciting weekend from first pitch to the very last.

Pitcher Preseason Prep

Last season, playing a team four times in a weekend meant hitters were seeing your pitches a lot more than they usually would. This means as a pitcher, you had to morph yourself to give hitters different looks each time.

Heading into this season with the goal of a championship and post-season run, I really worked on my spin. This is something I had to really work on and something that made me focus on the little things. I believe my spin was good before but with attention to detail in the off-season, it has improved.

One of the main mindsets I’ve worked on as a pitcher is how you have to be comfortable throwing on even your bad days. Your best stuff isn’t always with you and being able to push through that and find a way to win is one of the best qualities you can have.

Mindset for Michigan

I always have high expectations for myself and the team. I believe this is the most depth we have had at every position in the time that I have been at Michigan. There is so much talent. Our hitters have improved tremendously, which is exciting to see as a pitcher. Our bullpen has become very experienced and dominant in the last couple of years and has a lot of promise for the future. I see another Big Ten championship in our future. The goal for this year is to get past a regional and make it to Supers.

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