Q&A with Alex Storako

D1Softball, through the D1 Players Society, has partnered with Michigan pitcher, Alex Storako to give her a platform to share her voice and tell her story.

Q: Being in the middle of your senior season, what are your thoughts on how it’s going both on and off the field?

A: On the field so far, I think that this team has grown a lot in many ways. I think we are better than what is being shown on the field so far and there are going to be a lot of growing mends to really expose our true skills. Off the field, the losses haven’t wavered our heads or mindsets. I think that is one of the best parts about this team. The perseverance is amazing to see from each player no matter the age.

Q: Reflecting on the last four years, is there a single moment that sticks out to you the most?

A: A moment that sticks out to me from my last four years was our win over Florida my sophomore year. It was a defining win for our team and myself, especially since it was opening weekend in Tampa, FL.

It was one of the most fun games we played right before COVID took away the rest of the season. We beat the Gators 11-2 that Saturday morning. Their lineup compiled some amazing hitters from 1 through 9. Throwing a great game against a team like that as a sophomore was just the start of a confidence builder for me. It was one of those moments that I really realized I belonged at a power five school that competed with the best. I cried after the win in the dugout bathroom because as a young girl I remember watching Michigan play Florida on TV and wanting to be like those girls. When I walked out of the bathroom, Hutch asked why my eyes were red and when I looked over, Sierra Romero was next to her. Embarrassed, I answered that I had accidentally sprayed sunscreen in my eyes. Looking back, not sure which answer would have been better, haha. 

Q: What is one word that describes or summarizes each of your years at Michigan?

A: Freshman (2019) – Adjustment: I changed my motion and learned so much from Coach Brundage and learning how to properly pitch and be coachable was a huge part of my freshman year. Adjustment to college and playing at the next level is essential.
Sophomore (2020) – Defining: This season was defining because it brought me a chip on my shoulder. The last pitch I threw before COVID canceled was an intentional walk gone wrong that lost the game in extras. That pitch really motivated me over quarantine to get better at the little things of my game.
Junior (2021) – Confidence: This is the year my confidence really grew. I was in command of my pitches like never before. I think half that battle is the mental game and confidence and I think that is why I had such a great season.
Senior (2022) – Trust: I think trusting my preparation and hard work for this season is what will help me this season. I have my confidence and spin, trusting that using those together will help me have another great season to get to OKC with Team 45 of Michigan. 

Q: What is one piece of advice you wish you could give your freshman self?

A: One piece of advice I wish I could give myself is to just keep working and keep a level head. I think I could have been better at my mental game earlier in my career. If I was better at not getting too high or too low, I think I would’ve been more consistent earlier in my career if I had a more consistent mindset of sticking to one pitch at a time. 


Q: What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far as both a student-athlete and a Michigan softball player?

A: Some of the biggest accomplishments for me personally have been earning All-American honors, being named the Big Ten Pitcher of the year. As for team accomplishments, I am really proud of being a 2x Big Ten Champion as well as winning a Big Ten Tournament title. 


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